Leonora Bids Tinsel Farewell

Actress Leonora Okine’s contract to star in Mnet Africa’s soap opera ‘Tinsel’ has expired. Her contract may however be renewed next year but until then, she has to bid farewell to the cast and crew of the award-winning soap. Leo started appearing on the award-winning series in July this year when she took over the character “Angela Dede”, which was then played by Nigerian actress Matilda Obaseki since the inception of the show for over five years. It was indeed a big decision for her to take over a role played by someone else, but she did. Within a short time, she managed to attract a huge fan base. ‘Tinsel’ crew, comprising actors, directors and producers, has shared its experience working with the Ghanaian actress. Sources said it was a touching moment when she said goodbye to the crew after their last shoot on set. Below are comments by members of the crew about Leonora; Christopher Okagbue (Emil Haruna): As a person, Leo is very nice and caring. She’s a great friend and she looks out for people she cares about. She’s a happy girl. She smiles a lot which I think is a good thing. She has a good spirit. As an actress, I think she’s talented. Working with her was very comfortable. She’s open minded and innovative. She likes to experiment. I think she’ll do well in acting. It’ll be interesting to watch her play a role that’s not her element though. Something off her comfort zone. I’m looking forward to working with her again in the near future. Funlola Aofiyebi-Raim (Brenda Mensah): Leo was a giggle per minute! Quite active, sometimes so involved she directs the director. I would work with her again! Would like to see her play a more aggressive role. Kalu Ikeagwu (Alhaji Abubakar): Leonora is an absolutely irrepressible spirit. I know this because I’ve seen her overcome ‘insurmountable’ challenges to achieve her goals. Working with her was an absolute delight professionally because we worked and discussed each of our scenes together and worked out our characters’ super objectives before going off to work on them individually. I have come out the richer from my working experience with her. Leonora is, I am bold to say, someone I’d have as a long-term friend. Her art is something I admire her for. Admire I say because she never seems to sit in a place when it comes to her craft. She’s always worrying, needling and wheeldling, trying to look for new angles to the character she plays. The result is sizzling; I can attest to that from the magic chemistry that sparkled in the Masters/Angela duo. Definitely a keeper for our burgeoning entertainment industry. Iretiola Doyle (Sheila Ade-Williams): As an actor Leo was thrown into the deep end and learned to swim very quickly. As a person she was a delight to be around, even when the cumbersome lines and throat infection were frustrating her to no end! She has a vivacious energy and I’ll miss that lilting accent of hers! Ben Chiadika (Tinsel Director): Leo is a very dedicated actress. She is a team player and very professional in her approach. She brings no air of arrogance to the set, she relates beautifully with the crew and with her fellow artiste. I will love to work with Leo anytime, any day. Tope Oshin Ogun (Tinsel Director): Leonora has a very warm and sunny personality. As an actress, she brings ‘it’ all the time and delivers a great performance and always displays a true commitment to the character she’s playing. She is an actress I would like to work with over and over again. Victor Sanchez Aghahowa (Tinsel Director): Leonora is an actor I would work with again. She’s a natural who has that unfortunately uncommon drive to better herself and her craft. Some are hungry for fame, she is hungry to do great work and get better at doing it. Rogers Ofime (Tinsel Producer): Leonora is an actor of repute. She takes the profession seriously. Tinsel needed a strong actor like her to fill a big shoe and she proved herself. I will work with Leonora again and again and again. I have seen her other performances outside of tinsel and as usual, she gave the same beautiful performance as expected. I am looking forward to having her again either on Tinsel or other productions.