From Assoc. Of Boyfriends To Assoc. Of Girlfriends

FROM: National Association of Boyfriends(NABs) TO: National Association of Girlfriends (NAGs) CC: Ministry of Women Affairs BCC: Committee on Conflict Resolution OPERATION "EXCHANGE BY BARTER" FOR NEW YEAR 2013 ----------------------------------- This is to bring to the notice of the general public our concerns and conclusion on the coming NEW YEAR period hence fighting for equitable exchange of gifts on January 1st. Ah, how can a girl send you boxers and expect a BB bold6? A tie and expect Brazilian hair? Singlet and expect iPad 2? Cufflinks and expect Samsung galaxy sIII? Or nothing at all and expect an expensive dinner at the Golden Tulip? Yet we preach gender equality in the country. Well, the National Association of Boyfriends (NABs) has concluded it should be trade by barter on New Year day. Singlet should be exchanged with a Bra. If she gives you roll-on, buy her a perfume equivalent to the worth of the roll on. If she gives you cufflinks, give her rubber band to tie her natural hair. If she shows up at your door empty handed, give her a multi tv channel to watch. Don't let her watch your DSTV(no free thing). If she asks for an expensive dinner, take her to an expensive night vigil. If she gives you a flower, you give her a fruit. (afterall, all are natural) The above is currently our exchange rate for the New Year.