President Mahama Describes Nation As Strong Despite Challenges

President Mahama says the State of the Nation is strong despite some challenges. Addressing the 5th Parliament of the 4th Republic on the state of nation, President Mahama highlighted achievements made in Education, Energy, Health, Agriculture and in the Security Services. President Mahama noted that remarkable progress has been made in the education sector and promised to ensure that more is done to improve on it. He mentioned particularly the reduction of the number of schools under trees and improvement in salaries of teachers. On the Health Sector, President Mahama mentioned the construction of 12 new district hospitals, and the strengthening of the National Health Insurance Scheme. He said the government has provided Ghanaians better health care services.President Mahama indicated that the Security Agencies have received the biggest retooling to compliment their work. He said this was evident in the way the Security Services worked to ensure peace during and after the elections. On energy, the President said about one thousand communities without light have been connected to the national electricity grid. He also touched on progress made in ensuring food security in the Agriculture Sector.