NPP, A Disgrace To Black Race - Kofi Wayo

Leader and founder of the United Renaissance Party (URP), Charles Kofi Wayo has ripped apart the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) for what he described as “callous and rabble-rousing tendencies” being exhibited by the leadership of the party over the just ended election. The political maverick acerbically tongue lashed the leadership of NPP for boycotting President Mahama’s inauguration, adding, that “crabby behavior amounts to grave disrespect to Ghanaians and a big disgrace to the black race” “The NPP guys I know them...they are not rational people; they think they know everything. Why did the NPP not place an injunction on the swearing in, if they think they have a problem with it? You see the Whiteman will not take a group like the NPP serious. Already the whites consider we blacks as inferior because of our behavior…what the NPP has done enforces that belief… are they not a big disgrace to the black race?” he quizzed. In an exclusive interview with The Al-Hajj yesterday, Mr. Wayo noted that, he had worked with the big whips in the NPP and knows them to be “braggarts” who throw their weight about claiming they are “lawyers and have degrees” and on top of it, give credence to the positions their fathers occupied in the past. “Do you think these people are lawyers as they want us to believe? No good lawyers will advise their supporters to boycott a national event like the swearing in of a president when there is no court injunction restraining the President from being sworn into office. Tell me…Which lawful party will commission their supporters to hold hostage a former President from their own party from attending a state event?” Kofi Wayo added The NPP has petitioned the Supreme Court seeking to invalidate the declaration of president Mahama as president-elect by the Electoral Commission due to what they describe as “systemic fraud” According to the party attending the ceremony will undermine its case in court challenging the election results. Following their petition at the Supreme Court, the elephant fraternity last week Wednesday announced the party will not participate in the ceremony to induct President Mahama and cautioned supporters against attending. According the URP leader anytime a member of the NPP tried to be real, the others isolated him. He cited Mr. Wereko Brobbey as a classical example to buttress his point. He revealed that “NPP have an agenda to make money out of the people. If you don't agree, they attack see Wereko Brobbe, nobody is saying let's listen to what this guy is saying”, he stated. Mr. Wayo maintained that: “I know them and I campaigned with them in 1998, 1999 and 2000...I know Kufuor very well. None of them believe in the truth. The moment you try to challenge them...once their own people come out to tell the little truth, they isolate them right away. They are not interested in reality”