In His Infantile Mind; Yaw Buaben And His Ilk Think We're Still Campaigning

A Deputy Minister for the Interior under the Mills-Mahama administration, Kobby Acheampong, has hit back at the New Patriotic Party’s (NPPs) Communications Directorate for what he considers to be deliberate contortions of comments he made on a live television programme. Mr Acheampong expressed great surprise at the blatant attempt to impugn his character. The NPP, through one of its Deputy Directors of Communication, Yaw Buaben Asamoah, issued a statement on Monday describing as "reckless and violent rhetoric” which seeks to destabilize the country, comments allegedly made by Kobby Acheampong, on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana, to the effect that, President John Mahama could decree a curfew and have the leadership of the opposition party arbitrarily arrested. The former deputy Minister allegedly made the comment during a discussion on the legitimacy of President Mahama’s Office. But speaking in an interview on Citi Eye Witness News, the former Deputy Interior Minister said the latest ‘outburst’ by the NPP Communicator is "his own infantile imagination". According to him, he was only trying to establish whether the NPP will respect the legitimacy of President Mahama by adhering to every decision he takes because of the petition the party has filed at the Supreme Court challenging the 2012 presidential electoral results. “I am very disappointed in Buabeng Asamoah but I am not so disappointed because that has been his stock-in-trade…I said nothing close to what Yaw Buabeng is saying. These are all fabrications. In his infantile mind, he thinks this is the way to go. Ghana has gone beyond this kind of politics. The election is over and Ghana has moved on but in the minds of Yaw Buabeng Asamoah and his likes, they think we are still in the campaign mood…if he wants to stay in the campaign mood, that is his call but the country has long moved on…” Kobby Acheampong said.