Kwesi Appiah: Asamoah Gyan Is Very Intelligent

Claude Le Roy will make no pretence about Ghana coach, Kwesi Appiah's description of Asamoah Gyan as very intelligent as he prepares his DR Congo side to come up against the Black Stars on Sunday. Gyan will be leading Ghana in his fourth successive appearance at the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa. However, his first Nations Cup campaign as captain begins against the man - Le Roy - who handed him his tournament debut in 2008, when the Frenchman was in charge of Ghana. It was a difficult tournament for Gyan but he has since moved showing his strong personality in the midst of harsh criticisms to now lead Ghana. Such is the measure of Gyan's special quality, that Kwesi Appiah believes has made him key to the nation's hopes. "Asamoah [Gyan] is very intelligent," Kwesi Appiah told during Ghana's training camp in Abu Dhabi. "Gyan should be one of the top scorers and should rise to every occasion. "I am really happy that last year and this year, his performance has been good and [he is] scoring more goals." Despite his fine form, goals have proved harder to come by at previous Cup of Nations finals. He has scored only five goals in the finals so far. But Appiah pointed out that no amount of analysis can guarantee a way of keeping him quiet. "If you give him the chance, he will make sure he puts the ball behind the net. He is experienced, he knows when to attack and slow the game down," the Ghana coach said fondly about his striker, Gyan. For Appiah, Gyan who continues to dominate the headlines in the UAE topflight always makes his mark no matter where he plays. "He has always been a good player. I don't see much difference whether he is playing in Europe or here [UAE]. "When he gets the chance, he knows how to finish and he is a good striker," Appiah added. Now the campaign in South Africa starts in Group B for Gyan and his Black Stars teammates who must deal with the threats of Le Roy's DR Congo side, Mali and Niger.