Threatening Democracy

Some of the symptoms of a threatened democracy are manifesting with a disturbing frequency in the country and we ignore them at the peril and survivability of our nation. We are at the crossroads of political decency; a destination where knowledgeable elders and others dread expressing themselves about—the shortcomings in our body-politic. It is as if the rule of political irresponsibility is the order of the system. Elders with adequate knowledge of politics and other subjects now shy away from raising their heads above the parapet for fear of being shot by juvenile and swanky politicians with no respect for the aged. Mr. Kobby Acheampong might have distanced himself from what he is alleged to have said regarding the slapping of a state of emergency on the nation and a subsequent arrest of those calling the bluff of the President. Given the tendency of politicians, especially those in power to disown negative remarks attributed to them, we are hard-pushed not to digest his denial with a pinch of salt. Why he would throw such a smelly stuff on the political plane at this time is something beyond our ken. But should we be surprised given his penchant for churning out very dangerous remarks with the potency to inflame the country? The attack on Pastor Owusu Bempah which took place a few days ago is another symptom of the growing state of democratic indiscipline gaining root in the country. The story and the mode of operation by the intruders have prompted many questions about whether those who went on the mission were not working under the authority of some persons above. Before that, a researcher with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had his car burgled and documents taken away by persons who were suspected to be state operatives on state duty. There have been instances of selectiveness in the application of the law; a situation which has left people grumbling and asking whether those who belong to the ruling party should, of right, enjoy certain legal advantages above others in the other parties. It behoves all Ghanaians especially those holding the mantle of power to ensure that the democracy we all embraced is protected from the arbitrariness of bad persons at the helm of affairs. We have reached a stage in our political development where Ghanaians have become more discerning than they were before now and are therefore taking mental note of the anomalies. Let us be circumspect in our actions and remarks so that our democracy will not continue to be threatened in the manner we are observing today. We have observed regrettably that even before his learning the ropes of Parliament especially the Standing Orders and the like, Hon. Samuel Ablakwa Okudzeto and his colleague Fiifi Kwetey have already started spewing out remarks which are anything, but sensible.