GUWL: "Water Problem" To End By 2025

Ghana Urban Water Limited (GUWL) has indicated that water shortages shall be a thing of the past by 2025. The GUWL says they are working hard to ensure that their vision which is to get water to the people of Ghana; flowing as much as possible is achieved. Speaking in an interview on Tuesday’s edition of "kokrokoo" programme on Peace FM, Communications Manager of GUWL, Mr Stanley Martey said: “In the very near future, Accra will not be facing the ‘water problem’. We are constructing a new treatment plant in Kpone and when completed likely in June 2014, we will increase coverage from the current 60/65% to close to 90/95%. With this, most areas in Accra will get water 24/7. We are committed to the work we are doing and we know that very soon our work and our vision will be realized...our vision is to get water to the people of Ghana, to flow as much as possible and we are hoping that by 2025 all challenges concerning water will end.” Mr. Martey was reacting to the water rationing exercise being undertaken by the GUWL. He reiterated the reasons for the water rationing and pleaded with Ghanaians to understand the company and to manage the water they have. The GUWL identified a structural defect in four of its filters creating a loss of about 20% and translating into ten million gallons of water daily. The water rationing according to the company will give them time to solve the problem as well as ensuring that everybody get access to water intermittently. “Rationing water is not a new thing in Ghana. We are urging everyone to practice water storage and to conserve water. We have invited experts to take a look at the faulty filters to redesign and reconstruct. They will come out with a proposal and when that is done within two weeks, we will give them funding to be able to start work. "We are hoping that all this processes will take a minimum of four months and a maximum of six months to be completed. We are pleading with the general public to understand our condition and bear with us…,” he said.