EC Registration Officials Yet To Be Paid

Some Ghanaians who worked for the Electoral Commission (EC) during the last general elections have indicated the payment for the work they did is long overdue. It has been two months since the elections ended but the EC is yet to pay the volunteers who served as Presiding Officers, Biometric Verification Officers, and Name Reference Officers among others. According to them, numerous calls to the offices of the EC to demand their monies have proved futile. Some of the volunteers who spoke to Citi News they went through the normal process of being given a job although they have been denied their wages. “When you bring your letter, you go through recruitment and interview. You are then given an appointment letter to show that you are going to work with the EC and after your work you will be paid” a volunteer said. She indicated that “but as until now we have not heard anything and they have not told us anything as well.” She opined that although they were not given any specific time, they are aware that when one is employed to work, the person gets paid. She lamented “but it has taken too long and we have not been told anything. Very often when we call the office to find out when we will be paid, they keep telling us that we should take our time and that we will be paid.” “They didn't not give us an amount that we would be paid. We only heard orally that we would be given 100 cedis after we signed” she concluded.