Ruff-N-Smooth Back From ‘American Dream’ Tour To Premiere ‘Dance For Me’ Video On March 2

Throughout the Christmas festivities, Ghanaians missed out the Ruff n Smooth performances in Ghana. The duo who has performed in almost all the continents of the world excluding America applied through the American Embassy for visa to give the American residents Ruff n Smooth dosage. Dubbed ‘American Dream Tour’, they started with a warm up performance at Planet Africa Awards in Canada on 27th October, 2012. Ahkan and Bullet who together make up Ruff n Smooth attracted the attention of all those present, ushering people into extreme hypnosis with their amazing songs and performances. Cardinal Official therefore endorsed them as the light of world music. With State-to-State performances, Ruff n Smooth began the tour in America in Florida where the attendance was incredible. “Honestly we were expecting Ghanaian populated crowd but the records showed that, other Nationals were more than Ghanaians” Bullet said. Adding to it, Ahkan mentioned that, “the number of whites who sung along when we were performing was amazing. I was so shocked how far our songs travel” Florida greased the tour with a great start. Starten Island in New York, Worcester, Ohio, Montana and Washington DC (Maryland)followed suit on the tour schedule. Throughout these States, there was mixed race attendance as identifying which race was more than the other, with skin colour was a migraine.