Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, Delta Tackle Passenger Complaints

Passengers travelling on Delta Airlines will benefit from reduced fares and be compensated in the event of flight delays and cancellations. The airline has also stationed a maintenance engineer in Accra and will also bring in a senior engineer to re-evaluate Delta’s local maintenance partners. The measures were instituted after the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) met with officials of the airline on Monday to resolve complaints from passengers stemming from flight delays, cancellations and poor customer service. The airline has been facing passenger criticism for flight cancellations and delays, amidst poor services on the United Sates-Accra route. The GCAA was therefore compelled to summon Delta Airlines to address the issue. At the end of the meeting, the GCAA tasked Delta Airline to endeavour to return the aircraft with re-configured seats back to the Accra route. It was also agreed that GCAA will increase the rate at which the safety audit of foreign aircraft is conducted for the airline. The airline indicated that customer complaints are being tracked by flight and crew, to provide a more detailed analysis for quicker resolutions. Air Commodore Kwame Mamphey (Rtd.), Director-General of the GCAA, refuted claims that the Authority has joined forces with it Liberian counterparts to perform an audit on the airline. “GCAA is perfectly within its own rights to commission an audit if need be,” he said. Present at the meeting were Mr. Robert Bryan, Commercial Director, East and West Africa, and Mr. Pak-Wo Shum, managing Director, Delta GSA, Ghana and Liberia.