Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner Returns With Season 4

The past seasons of Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner saw people being surprised by the relatives and loved ones most at times the people being surprised could not hold back their tears of joy and appreciation for the wonderful gesture by the relatives, loved one�s and the Guess who is coming for dinner crew. Season four of Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner bounces back with beautiful surprises and excellent recipes from seasoned chefs that can easily be replicated by all at home is back on GhOne television. Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner is not just a TV reality cook show but a show that allows one to share interesting stories, emotional true life accomplishment, the joy of sharing warm surprises with family, excellent recipes of both exotic and local dishes. The show which returns to the screens on Sundays at 5:30pm on GhOne, gained for itself a respectable following when it premiered a number of years ago. The programme manages to keep viewers entertained right from the start of the programme to finish. It is a Gh One initiative with sponsorship from Alvaro supported by Tasty Tom and Indomie, is in many ways different from all the other cook shows that are aired on TV. The first major difference is that the programme is shot on location at the homes of families. The presenter, chef and crew travel to homes of individuals who have been set up for a surprise meal by a loved one and the chef sets about preparing a mouth watering meal for that special person to be surprised. After the meal is prepared, the person who is has been surprised is invited to join the table with their family and friends and while they are eating, in walks a surprise guest who is supposed to be someone famous or someone the surprised person has been dying to meet. The guest joins in the meal among some small talk. Another thing that makes this show different in its class is the fact that, although it is a cook show, the focus is not only on the cooking process. An on-site Chef accompanies the Presenter and Crew to add that professional touch to the preparation of some of the most popular Ghanaian meals as well as continental dishes and at the same time the show focuses on relationships and their importance to the growth of society as a whole. Hosted by Naa Ashorkor, the show builds beautiful stories around families and brings these stories to life for viewers who cannot help but fall in love with it.