‘No Money For Bye Bye’ - Kwabena Kwabena

Award-winning artiste Kwabena Kwabena has stated categorically that he did not receive any money from colleague Asem for featuring in his hit song ‘Bye Bye’. Speaking on Dzifa’s Late Nite Celebrity Show, Kwabena Kwabena revealed that he did not, under any condition, take any money from Asem after recording his part of the song. Kwabena, who is noted to work magic on any song, clearly gave Asem’s ‘Bye Bye’ the Midas touch, making the song a favorite of fans. However, it is still unclear why the high life singer failed to make it in the video of the song. Even though he was unwilling to comment on this issue during the show, rumor has it that Asem totally cut Kwabena Kwabena out and made the song his own completely. Asem has still not come out to explain the absence of Kwabena Kwabena in the video. Aside the controversy surrounding the music video, Kwabena Kwabena on the show also revealed that he had a new management team working tirelessly to get him even further than where he was now.