NHIS Has Collapsed Under The NDC- Dr Richard Anane

A former Minister of Health, Dr. Richard Anane, under whose tenure the National Health Insurance Scheme was implemented, has bemoaned the poor administration of the scheme. Dr. Richard Anane said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration has failed to put in place adequate measures to expand the scheme. Contributing to the debate on the budget statement on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday, Dr. Richard Anane said the National Health Insurance Scheme is collapsing. “The NDC was bequeathed the National Health Insurance Scheme in very healthy conditions but what are we seeing today? Today, the cash and carry of the pre-Kufuor days has gained ascendancy and is even being formalized,” he stated. Dr Anane further mentioned, “Over the past fortnight, the people of Ghana have received the shock of warnings from the health care service front and not from politicians that the NHIS is collapsing and also they, as NHIS cardholders were not to be entertained.” “The health care system has been thrown under huge indebtedness to the bank and thence, was distressed. This is what we presented in our true State of the Nation address,” he added.