Jubilee-Flagstaff House Name Change Does Not Make Sense - Alhaji Bature

The Editor of the Alhajj newspaper Alhaji Iddrissu Bature has expressed disappointment with the New Democratic Congress’s (NDC) position that the Information Minister Mahama Ayariga did not consult party bigwigs before publicly stating that the name of seat of government had been changed. “I want to disagree with that position; no Information Minister will go out of his way to make major pronouncements about government without permission from authorities.” This follows reports that the Information Minister Mahama Ayariga on an Accra based radio station indicated that the seat of government had been changed from Flagstaff house to Jubilee Flagstaff house. Speaking on Citi Fm’s Eye Witness news program Alhaji Iddrissu Bature indicated that the change of name to Jubilee Flagstaff house does not make sense at all and he believes that some deliberations were made before the information was passed on to the Information Minister Mahama Ayariga. According to him, the release that was issued by the secretary to the President Dr Raymond Atuguba two days ago had on it Jubilee Flagstaff house. “When the President appointed certain people to fill vacancies at the constitutional review commission, in the letter head from the office, we noticed that there has been a change of name from the seat of government from the Flagstaff house to the Jubilee Flagstaff house” he said. He explained that some investigations revealed that majority of the proprietors of the NDC were not excited about the change. According to him, the General Secretary of the party Johnson Asiedu Nketsia and Former Presidential staffer Mr Stan Dogbe came out to kick against the idea stating that there was no consultation or discussion. “Thankfully today a member of the communication team, Former Presidential staffer Mr Stan Dogbe has come out to apologize for the mishap and deny any intention of any change of name by the seat of government” he added. He further stated that it does not make sense at all since both presidents come from the same party. The controversy over name change started when the Kuour government after the completion of the presidential palace decided to name it the Jubilee House as it had been built in year marking Ghana’s fiftieth Independence anniversary. The name was then changed by the government of late President Atta Mills in 2008 who refused to move into the property of security challenges.