Juliet Ibrahim Foundation Mark World Kidney Day With Awareness Campaign

Kidney cancer is a disease in which the cells in certain tissues of the kidney start to grow uncontrollably and form tumors. Renal cell carcinoma, which occurs in the cells lining the kidneys (epithelial cells), is the most common type of kidney cancer. Eighty-five percent (85%) of all kidney tumors are renal cell carcinomas. Wilms' tumor is a rapidly developing cancer of the kidney most often found in children less than four years of age. Having said that, as a kidney cancer advocate, Juliet Ibrahim on the World Kidney Day, the 14th of March stepped out on a float with her foundation crew ‘team JIF’ to create awareness of the deadly disease. The walk started from Obra spot, circle through to Adabraka market then to UTC. Very dedicated, team JIF deemed the walk wasn't enough. They proceeded to the National Theatre through to the Independence Square. From there, they walked to the Oxford Street and ended the float on the Akwa Adjei Park, Osu.