Prez Mahama Should Tell Ghanaians His Problem So We All Pray For Him

A member of the communication team of the Progressive People’s Party, Charles Owusu has chided that President Mahama and the NDC government is heartless and wants to frustrate Ghanaians despite whatever the country is passing through. Speaking on Okay FM as a panelist on “Ghana Decides” program, the PPP communicator hinted that according to the Informer newspaper, Ghanaians are already angry at the NDC government as the party’s activities are putting governance of the country in a bad shape. Charles Owusu said that the idea for President Mahama to send 200 pastors to Israel will not solve the problem the country is going through; adding that there is more to the problem President Mahama is going through in his administration than the prayer request put before the pastors. According to him there is a line of truth in what the fetish priest from Tamale, Chief Natia has stated; that if Ghana is not cleansed for what some politicians have done there will be no peace in the country. He disclosed that he has heard from the fetish priest, that there is a secret the NDC government has to tell Ghanaians concerning the death of the late President Mills; stressing that the problem will not stop even if all the pastors in the country are sent to Jerusalem to pray for the President and the country. He revealed that there is something threatening the President which has warranted this trip by the pastors to Israel. He again hinted that; “the pastors are not going to Israel for going sake, but there is a purpose for this trip which means to pray for the President and the nation; adding that there is nothing wrong to pray for the President and the nation but he however cited that the state funds which are for all Ghanaians should not be used to sponsor pastors for his (the President) course. He reiterated that the President has been employed by Ghanaians, and that he is accountable to Ghanaians and so he cannot use the state funds debunking the notion that the trip was sponsored by an anonymous philanthropist. To the PPP communicator, President Mahama should come out to tell Ghanaians what is making him have sleepless nights when he has everything at his disposal; stressing that; “he is our President….the President should tell us his problem and all of us will pray for him…because if it is well with the President, the whole nation will be at peace”.