Reduce The Political Tension In The Country; The Altitude Can Be Horrendous For Ghana

The Political Analyst of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Atik Mohammed has bemoaned that the height at which the country has reached in politics is terrible to the extent that some people view their political opponents as enemies of the highest standard and even wish them dead. He indicated that some Ghanaians were rejoicing over the accident of the running mate of Nana Akufo-Addo to the extent that there were rumours he was dead. As a panelist on Okay FMs “Ghana Decides” program, Atik Mohammed emphasized that because of the kind of politics the country is engaged in, something little sparks up tension which to him is a signal that the lines have been drawn; stressing that people should veer off from that. He said that Liberians loved peace and nobody thought there could be civil war in the country but it happened; reiterating that human beings by nature love peace but sometimes certain things can push people to lose their sense of humanity of which he feared might happen if Ghanaians do not tone down the level of politicking in the country. The Political Analyst stated that looking at the struggle for power in the country; if the speed is not reduced the nation will get to the level of Sierra-Leone; though he does not wish doom for Ghana, but hinted that there are signs for horrendous occurrence. He urged that Ghanaians should not exaggerate the country’s achievements over the practice of democracy in Africa; in that “since 1992 we have failed to examine the success, failure and the corrections which we have to make” in the field of democracy. He advised that politics is not about struggle for survival but to him it should be a call to service; though people sometimes take undue advantage of the struggle.