Arizonal Music Group Comes To Ghana

Over the week, the entertainment fraternity in Ghana welcomed the birth of a new record label-Arizonal Music Group. It is the trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings. It manages all brands of music, coordinates the production, manufacture, marketing and promotion of music. Then, the label silently before now managed acts like Sylvia, El Hardy and J.Nino, who have all grown into matured minds and still running solid under the firm built group-AMG. One of the objectives of the music group stands is on discovering and developing new artist, broadening their consumer base, market their albums, give maximum publicity in the positive direction. The group�s signed acts are currently flourishing with Sylvia already out with two singles which is doing well on the local and international scene. El Hardy and J.Nino are cooking their own singles and soonest, the management is planning on a nationwide tour in respect to bring them closer to their fans. You can follow them on