Alfred Ogbamey Struts Around With His Stomach...We Don't Need His Stinking Pro-NDC Agenda

It is amazing how certain persons do not know that good name is better than riches. Over the years, especially in this 4th Republican dispensation, some group of persons have continued to exhibit a nauseating attitude that is working negatively against the journalism profession. Strutting around with their stomachs; and always selling their conscience to the highest bidder, a group of person who have been cavorting around the media landscape making a nuisance of themselves. Indeed, they do not only make a nuisance of themselves; they also use their conscienceless agenda to send Governments into opposition because their style ends up annoying the electorate. One such person, is, Alfred “nokofio gbormorbaye” Ogbamey. This Ogbamey character is a man who walks around without his conscience. As far as he is concerned, journalism is all about knowtowing to the highest bidder in order to keep body and soul together. Having cut his journalistic teeth at The Chronicle, with the green-eyed Kofi Coomson, Ogbamey has certainly perfected the art of allowing his stomach to control his head. When the NDC was in power, between 1992 and 2000, Ogbamey was a very close friend of the Administration. Immediately the NPP came onto the scene in 2001, Ogbamey mortgaged his soul to the NPP. Working around the fringes of the coffee shop mafia, Ogbamey allowed Kwaku Baako to be his master and all-in-all. After leaving the Kofi Coomson’s Chronicle, Ogbamey teamed up with the late Steve Biko (not the South African freedom fighter), to set up the Concord newspaper, which Ogbamey later changed to the Gye Nyame Concord. If Okyeame’s memory serves him right (and I think it does), Steve Biko instituted a legal action against Ogbamey before he (Biko) departed this world to the world beyond. For years now, the Gye Nyame Concord has been dead yet Ogbamey still parades himself as the editor of the paper. Ever since President Mahama took over the reins of government, charlatanic Ogbamey has suddenly changed the direction of his mouth and can be heard these days doing Public Relation (PR) for the NDC Administration. Was it the case that Ogbamey was doing something which is right; Okyeame would have no problem. The truth of the matter is that, Ogbamey is still practicing his style of nauseating journalism; the kind of journalism that made him and his coffee shop mafia gang work to send the NPP into opposition. With an over-bloated sense of importance, Ogbamey and his gang think that they are the ones who control and shape public opinion. For reasons close to his stomach, Ogbamey has suddenly started doing PR for the new NDC Administration. What Ogbamey does not know, is the fact that he is doing more harm than good to the NDC and that is why Okyeame is coming out to tell him to enjoy his new-found wealth; but must not put his toe in NDC waters. As far as Okyeame is concerned, President Mahama has a lot of credible voices who can manage his PR. President Mahama and the NDC do not need the voice of a discredited Ogbamey to do any PR for them. President Mahama and the NDC do not need Ogbamey’s stinking PR because he and his class annoy the electorate with their shameless agenda of wanting to paint everything black in white colours. The NDC is a party which is glued to self-assessment and internal criticism and does not need charlatans who are in the business of listening to their stomachs and insulting the intelligence of the electorate with their stinking and nauseating propaganda. In the NDC, we know how to call a spade a spade. From the time of Jerry Rawlings through President Atta Mills, the NDC has survived on internal self-assessment. If the NDC had lost the last election, would Ogbamey not be wining and dining with Akufo-Addo and the NPP? Okyeame is calling on Ogbamey to leave the NDC alone because we have what it takes to take care of ourselves and don’t need any charlatans to do our work for us. President Mahama; just like President Atta Mills, is not impervious to internal criticisms so Ogbamey must mind his NPP business and stop annoying NDC supporters with his stinking pro-NDC PR. Okyeame is watching Alfred “nokofiogbormorba ye” Ogbamey closely, and will re-visit this matter if need be. Alfred Ogbamey, “Di wu fie asem” and leave the NDC to manage its affairs.