Mass Transfer Hits FDA

There is heightened tension at the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) due to the arbitral transfer of staff by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Stephen k. Opuni through the Human Resources Department. So far The New Crusading Guide can confirm that more than 15 workers have been transferred without any tangible reason through a directive by the C.E.O without any authorization from the Authorities’ Board Members. Most of those being transferred, according to sources, are experienced skilled professionals with pharmaceutical background being replaced with individuals with less background or whose backgrounds do not match with their newly assigned functions. According to an undisclosed source “The transfers are just unnecessary especially those with pharmaceutical backgrounds who are needed most especially at a time when we are seriously fighting the menace of fake drugs.” Some members of staff indicated that even though Dr. Opuni is the Chief Executive Officer, he is not on top of issues and yet would not allow those with the requisite knowledge and experience the chance to perform their duties. According to a Senior Regulatory Officer “he issues press releases indiscriminately to cause unnecessary fear and panic in the system with the aim of pleasing top government officials but in our type of work it is not the best to combine professionalism with politics”. The conduct of the CEO, according to our sources, has affected working activities as most workers are often cowed into docility. Meanwhile, when the New Crusading Guide contacted the Communications Director of the FDA, Mr. James Lartey, for some clarifications he explained that transfer of personnel has nothing to do with specialization, suggesting that anyone can be sent anywhere. He further made it clear that all allegations peddled against the CEO were false and only borne out of mischief.