“I Haven’t Blacklisted Anyone” - Yvonne Nelson

It’s public knowledge Yvonne Nelson has had run-ins with some sections of the media in the past. So, during her recent interaction with the press at the Kotoka international Airport, she spoke to the issue, responding to questions from a curious press, who wanted to find out just how bad the relationship was, and why seemingly she treats sections of the local media with scorn. “I haven’t blacklisted anyone,” she said. “Okay so you know what… so I will just say one thing and so im gonna give examples of websites okay, You don’t hear a story and just go…. or you take pictures from Instagram and you just go and put it out there like oh look at her crooked legs oh look at that … “Think about it if it was you how would u feel . I’am not mentioning names but i’am saying that if you hear a story, just call whoever and find out their side of the story and put your own side if you want. I mean that’s you so I haven’t blacklisted anybody but I just respect…”.