Kojo Antwi: “You Can’t Time Creativity”

The world awaits the new album of the maestro Kojo Antwi. The Ghanaian music legend’s rhythms have been enjoyed the world over. Among other milestones, Kojo Antwi is highly revered as one of the few artistes whose songs embrace the core emotions of the society. As expectations grow and fans get a little more impatient after waiting for some time for his new album, Kojo Antwi says he’ll not be rushed to release his new album. In yet another exclusive interview with Kojo Akoto Boateng on Ultimate Radio, the maestro says the album is almost ready and would feature some upcoming talents already making waves in the music industry but wouldn’t let out the names because he wants it to be a surprise. He’s also disclosed that even though he’s working on something big with Salif Keitta, it’s not going to be on this particular yet to be named album. In a very assuring tone, Kojo says he’s taking his time to cook this album because he wants to maintain the standards. “When it comes to creativity you can’t time it, you can’t put value on creativity. When you are driving by money, music loses the essence of being an art form. I want the new album to be out but I’m looking for some sound, some special quality in each and every song and when I achieve that it is then that I’ll feel good to release the album. Right now I’m ready,” he explained. Kojo says what is most important about the upcoming album is that the love songs will still be there, the songs that talk about social issues will still be there and the rhythms that will sweep listeners of their feet will also be there.