STATEMENT: Live Telecast Of Supreme Court Hearing On Alleged Electoral Fraud MUST NOT STOP - LMVCA

The Let My Vote Count Alliance has been observing the on-going Supreme Court proceedings with keen interest and is very much satisfied with the progress made so far. The 8 days of court sittings on this high profile case of alleged electoral fraud, unleashed on Ghanaians by the second respondent in the conduct of the December 2012 elections, has attracted both local and international attention on the electoral, judicial, economic and democratic disposition of Ghana. Whilst the Let My Vote Count Alliance will not to interfere with the Supreme Court proceedings, it is gratifying to hear the first and second respondents tacitly admit there were transpositional, administrative and clerical errors in the December 2012 elections. The question for which most Ghanaians require answers from the Supreme Court is, will errors determine and chose a President for Ghanaians? Ghanaians are now aware the petitioners have a legitimate case, contrary to the shallow views hitherto expressed by detractors. As Ghanaians look on helplessly whilst the economy sinks into a state of abject despondency, with corruption ingrained and poverty deep-rooted, we wish to pledge our unflinching support for the 9 member judge panel of the Supreme Court to be bold in defending the constitution of this country and stand for the truth in the on-going petition before them. The Let My Vote Count Alliance also expresses a great deal of appreciation to the Supreme Court for its decision to air proceedings of this historic case live. We, however, take exception to and strongly disagree with the perception and fear that economic activities are stalling, as expressed by some individuals. LMVCA wants to sound a simple note of caution. Further interference in the justice delivery process by halting the live telecast of Supreme Court hearing will only incur the wrath and outright displeasure of the good people of Ghana. In any case, economic activities grinding to a halt whilst the entire nation seeks justice in this case could be deemed as the right price to pay for Ghana opting for democracy. Ghanaians are aware that in countries where the legal routes were ignored and power dislodged through brutish and democratically unacceptable means, the nation was brought to a standstill any way. In light of the above, whilst we appreciate dissenting views as a component of sound democratic practice, the let my vote count alliance deems it highly retrogressive, disingenuous and anti-democratic any further move by word or action on the part of any citizen who intends rising up against the live telecast of the Supreme Court proceedings. The live telecast of Supreme Court proceedings has given Ghanaians the opportunity to have first-hand knowledge of proceedings from the court room, rendering propagandists redundant and defunct on the matters of the proceedings. The live broadcast of proceedings, we believe, will enhance transparency and educate Ghanaians better. Any subterfuge approach to deny the voter this fundamental right and or privilege would be considered anti-democratic and would not be tolerated by Ghanaians. Ghanaians have opted for democracy and the pursuit of justice at the Supreme Court is a move to deepen and consolidate Ghana�s burgeoning democracy. David Boateng Asante Spokesperson LMVCA