Tsatsu Has Been Demystified At The Trial!

Before the trial of the presidential election petition began, members of the NDC propaganda machinery treated us with an incoherent cacophony about the invincibility of the old horse lawyer in the person of Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata. We were told that the appearance of Tsatsu as lead counsel for the NDC had frightened the petitioners' legal team and that he had the magic wand to shred the the petitioners' case into pieces. Ghanaians were told that the entry into the matter by Mr. Tsikata would mean the election petition will fail. Mrs. Ama Benyiwa Doe is quoted to have stated that "With Tsatsu, NPP is doomed in court." There were headlines in NDC rented press that "Tsatsu to Bloody Akufo Addo's Nose Again." However, there is every reason to say that the mystery surrounding the so called "legal luminary" has shattered beyond recovery. His performance in court so far could be described at best as ordinary and at worse abysmal. He has not demonstrated any extraordinary legal prowess that support the unsustainable impression created by the NDC that he is a good lawyer. He is likely to hurt the NDC's case in the long run. So far, his objections are always on the heals of those raised by other counsel in the petition only for it be overruled by the law lords. He has been incoherent and wandering when he is given an opportunity to simply explain his grounds of supporting objections raised by other lawyers paying attention. The NDC should spare us this cacophony about Tsatsu Tsikata because he has not been impressive. What the NDC needs now is energetic brilliant lawyers and not the rusty-feeble ones who continue to wallow in their inappreciative past glories. Divine Nkrumah Progressive People's Party National Youth Cordinator