I Don’t Want To Be A Fulltime House Wife – Actress

Nollywood actress Jennifer Eliogu is among the growing number of Nollywood stars who are engaged in intercontinental marriages. But reports say she has abandoned the marriage. She however explained saying, “As I told you – my husband is based in Switzerland, and after some years there, we reached the painful but practical decision that I should move back to Nigeria to continue my career in acting. I do not have problems with an inter-continental marriage, but in my own case, I did not want to be a full time house wife. “My husband is very comfortable with my decision, and it has not affected our marriage in any way. Yes, as with most marriages, we have had our fair share of challenges, but overall, my husband is the best man I could ever aspire to have and seven years after we got married, the flame of passion remains the same.” On reports that her marriage has crashed, she looked bewildered and replied, “It is not true. We are still married, but I have already told you we have challenges and we are working around those challenges.”