GMA Asked To Educate Government On Writing Commitment

A former Member of Parliament (MP) for the Adentan constituency has asked the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) to demonstrate how they want the commitment they are requesting from government to be written. The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has indicated that it is waiting for a written commitment from government before the striking doctors will resume work fully. The commitment letter, according to them (the doctors), should instruct the Controller and Accountant General to restore the payment of conversion difference and refund to them the arrears with a payment schedule. Speaking to the issue on Monday�s edition of Peace FM�s "Kokrokoo", Kojo Adu-Asare said the doctors need to educate government on how to write the commitment �in a way they want� because government has done all in its power to solve their grievances. Adu-Asare alluded that, perhaps the Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) that was signed by the President of the GMA, Dr. Adusei Opoku and was disapproved by the members of the GMA was not written in the right format; to meet the standard of the doctors and so they should indicate how government should write the kind of commitment they want so that it will be done. �It is not exciting to talk about this issue again because government has done all in its power to try to resolve the issue. The doctors are saying they want a strong commitment from government. How do they want the commitment to be written? I would plead with them to bring a template for government to look on to write the kind of commitment they want...if they were not satisfied with the signing of the MoU, they should give government a template as to how to write the commitment otherwise, I don�t see the head or tail of what is pushing people to say what they are saying,� he opined.