Meet Chymny Crane of “Ohie Hor” Fame

Hiplife newcomer, Chymny Crane is making waves with his hit track ‘Ohie Hor’ the soundtrack of the acclaimed movie, ‘Contact’, directed by award-winning, Shirley Frimpong-Manso. Produced by E.L, the feel good track uses witty Ga lyrics and thumping beats to deliver an exciting feeling, which is gradually hitting the clubs, and radio stations across the capital and beyond. According to Chymny Crane “Ohie Hor” is a song that explains an everyday practical scenario found in the typical Ghanaian neighborhood setting; where young girls find themselves getting pregnant due to youthful exuberance and adventurous nature. He explained: “This particular story is about a young girl who paints the picture of being responsible and focused. She always comes up with excuses about going to church or school, while she does the opposite until she ends up getting pregnant with a notorious guy (Fiador) who lured her with money”. Chymny Crane is a versatile artist blending hip hop with hiplife and according to him he can adapt to different styles of music. “I’ve got so many styles and that is exhibited as the beat comes. Even though I do hip hop and hiplife, I can add my touch of excellence on any other beat, be it Afro or techno.” He is not totally new to the rap scene in Ghana. He took part in the Channel O/ Sprite Emcee Africa rap battle competition where he emerged as undisputed emcee until he was disqualified at the Ghana final. After that competition he found it smart to blend the local dialect with his hip-hop background in order to be more marketable. He has been featured on DJ Black’s popular Open House Party. His musical influences are drawn from international acts such as Jadakiss Nas, Ludacris and Busta Rhymes. He also cites Obrafour as his all time favourite Ghanaian artist, and adds that he would like to have collaborations with Obrafour, Mugees (R2bees) and and Nigerian sensation, Wizkid. According to Chymny Crane, the Ghana music industry has come a long way but we aren’t there yet. He says, “To be able to attain the heights that the American artistes have I think we need extra dedication to producing more quality tracks both on albums and mix tapes. I do commend Sarkodie for his hard work. He has put a lot of rappers on their toes today because he keeps producing more. Also the language barrier has always been a problem with African ‘cats’. At least the Pidgin English cuts across countries and should be encouraged. But limiting lyrics to just the local language can’t take our music far enough.” Chymny Crane was born Nana Yaw Darfoor. He did his basic education in Ave Maria and graduated from Achimota Senior High School. He continued to the Institute Of Professional Studies and he is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration at the University Of Management Studies (Accounting Major).He explains his moniker, Chymny Crane as follows: “A chimney is always found on top of a building, and I got that name because I excelled in any competition that I found myself in. I have always come out on top, right from the underground days. Also, the smoke that a chimney produces can relate with the hot bars that I deliver. They say there is no smoke without fire. I spit fire on every verse I put on.” The Sparkx Media managed artist wishes to leave his mark on the music Ghanaian music scene and beyond. I would like to be remembered as an artiste who entertains inspires, educates and holds the power of lyrics in high esteem. Note that regardless of one’s preference for beats, Chymny Crane puts lyrics first and I think Ghanaian artists should start focusing more on lyrics instead of just beats. Because on the international scene artiste are weighed by what they say not what beat they ride on. Click here ... to listen to his hit song.