Kweku Baako’s Hatred For Tsatsu Is A Marathon To Nowhere

Some people thrive on hatred. Hatred is the fuel they need to perform and get recognition. One of such persons who has thrived on hatred to make a name for himself is Mr. Document, a.k.a Kweku Baako Jnr. Over the years, the Editor of the ‘New Crusading Guide’ made the hatred for Jerry John Rawlings the platform on which to stand to gain national recognition, and he got it. Mention Rawlings’ name on any talk-show where Kweku is and he will be in his elements running Rawlings down. Even if the topic being discussed is the economic importance of fishes, he will manage to bring Rawlings’ name into it. Now that it seems Rawlings, the legend, has decided to take a low profile, Mr. Document must find a new person to hate to enable him continue to perform on the national stage. And looking around, what better person is there for him to land on than the NPP's nemesis, Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata. It is really tickling the way he and some NPP apparatchiks falling over each other to insult Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata, counsel for the NDC at the on-going petition hearing at the Supreme Court. Indeed, it has become the new craze within the NPP. If you want to be heard and counted, you must attack Tsatsu Tsikata. Why? Because, contrary to what the NPP would want Ghanaians to believe, they are hurting and hemorrhaging at the way Tsatsu has turned Bawumia into a mince meat and is shredding the NPP’s so-called water tight evidence in court. So, Kweku Baako is leading the Sammy Awukus, Buabeng Asamoahs, Anthony Karbos, Hopeson Adornye, Nana Freduas and the Kwadwo Owusu Afriyies (The political Bob Okalla) to insult and ridicule Tsatsu Tsikata. In his latest effusion, Kweku Baako claims that Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata meticulous cross-examination of Bawumia is a “marathon that will lead him to nowhere.” Of course, Kweku Baako is the only one who understand very well the marathon that leads to nowhere because his whole life has been a marathon of hatred for the NDC and so far, it has led him to nowhere; his latest craze, hatred for Tsatsu, is also a marathon that will lead him nowhere. The bite of a cobra does nothing to the back of a tortoise!