Gov’t To Simplify Budget Information For The Public

Government in partnership with the World Bank has introduced a 175 million dollar project to ensure total transparency in the operations of the Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies (MMAs). The Local Government Capacity Support Project is set to train the media, the citizenry and civil society organizations to demand accountability from local authorities. According to the Head of Social Accountability of the Ministry Of Locals Government and Rural Development, Irene Messiba the project would simplify budget information, simplify financial information and simplify audit information. According to her this would “help a lot of citizens to understand public financial management at the local level.” She added that at the “end of the year when budgets are prepared, all Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies are expected to simplify their budget using the template to be pasted notice boards, websites and community centers so that as many citizens as possible will understand the public financial management issues.”