Ohia Beye ya Band Release Debut Single

The unique, dynamic band from Accra, Ghana, OBY Band (Ohia Beye Ya) created by the multi-talented instrumentalist, and producer/writer, Kwame Yeboah has released its first single unto the market titled ‘Only You’. The band showcases its Musical Potency through an even blend of world music, pop and jazz fused with an African vibe hence ‘Only you’ stands strong with a heavy crossover appeal. OBY made up of Emmanuel Ofori (bass guitar), Eric ‘Sunday’ Owusu (percussion) and David Agbobli (lead vocals) released the song after contributing to the success of many major gigs and artistes in the country. OBY’s immediate mission is to play high quality music, which will be appreciated by a wide cross-section of music lovers everywhere. According to the band the single ‘Only You’ is meant to further establish their presence as an artiste with nothing but the best of music for the populace. Emmanuel Ofori explained that: ‘only you’ dwells on love from the first sight to the complex process of a relationship’. Currently the song is doing well on radio, Emmanuel noted. He added that fans can follow their local radio stations within the capital - Accra and Kumasi for more of it. ‘There are plans to make it available in neighboring countries like Togo and Cote d’Ivoire, since the single contains some French and Togolese Ewe lyrics’. OBY band which is only about two years old has already caught attention as a collection of profound young talents shaping the popular music destiny of the nation. To Kwame and the other members of the band, the world is theirs to conquer with their sharp minds and inventive playing. A second single from them as OBY is due out shortly before the band launches its maiden album.