Nadia Buari Pregnant?

On screen, Nadia Buari is the ‘darling’ of the people and her fans have always wanted to know more about their idol. Off screen however, she has come under a lot of scrutiny with issues relating to her denying reports that she has a child, her inability in recent times to get lead roles and above all, shoving away her new actor friend or alleged lover. Ever since she first stepped out with Jim Iyke, fans of the actress have not stopped asking questions on whether or not she is pregnant. This curiosity may be fuelled because of the visible rapid changes in the actress’ body. It may also be that her body system is reacting to a new kind of food she may be taking or perhaps something else may have caused the sudden change. This something else could include but not limited to pregnancy. Every woman is different and they show different responses to pregnancy. Not every woman has the same symptoms or even shows the same symptoms from one pregnancy to another, but one of the most familiar symptoms is oedema (when the body is holding onto too much fluid. The extra fluid causes the hands and feet or ankles to swell up. It is quite common during pregnancy). If our source is anything to go by, then Nadia Buari is not new to motherhood, as the issue of her being a mother came up recently, but seems to have silently died down. In fact, a close friend of the actress has recently stated that her supposed secret child is a girl but not a boy as the media had speculated.