China Baby Rescued From Sewage Pipe Out Of Hospital

The Chinese baby boy rescued from a sewage pipe has been released from hospital to relatives, officials say. The baby had been in hospital in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province, since being cut free from the pipe on Saturday. His 22-year-old mother, who has not been named, said the baby slipped into the toilet and went down the pipe by accident as she gave birth. The baby left with his mother's family, an official with the Pujiang propaganda department told the BBC. Police initially treated the case as an attempted murder, believing the baby had been thrown down the toilet, says the BBC's Martin Patience in Beijing. But now police say the evidence shows this is not the case. "This was an accident," an official from the Pujiang propaganda department told the BBC. "The baby was taken by his mother's family. His father's family went to the hospital too. He left in good heath condition." Local police told Reuters news agency on Thursday the baby's maternal grandparents took him to a rural location.