Why Tall Ladies Love Us - Dwarfs

Dwarfs, who, until recently, dot major traffic spots in Lagos, selling DVD collections of movies produced by them, have their own fair share of attraction and love from ladies. Some of them cornered at their rendezvous in Oshodi area of the Lagos confessed they are never in want of love from ladies, who are daily attracted to them due to their special qualities. They revealed the reasons ladies run after them for love. Excerpts: When asked Ogbaji about his love life. I am not married yet. I want to first of all make enough money to feed my family. But I have a lover. She is tall. You want to know why we date tall girls? Well, it is even the girls themselves that like us. I think it is basically love. Though we are short from the waist up, we are usually very long under our pants, from the waist down and the ladies love that aspect of us very well, he declared.