Audi Car Owners Most Adulterous Followed By BMW Owners

In a follow up to last years poll, BMW drivers have slipped into second place, losing to Audi owners for the title of the most adulterous drivers. This is according to UK’s married dating site ' says this is because owners have either switched to a new car manufacturer or have bucked up their ideas and been more faithful in the past 12 months. BMW remains as the worlds largest maker of luxury vehicles despite Audi receiving $25 billion worth of investment since 2002 and doubling the number of model lines they make since 2003 from 6 to 12 but Audi have plans to take the lead from BMW by 2020, the marriage dating site adds. Spokesperson for 'IllicitEncounters' Mike Taylor said: “Cars can reveal a lot about their owners, all the cars in the top 5 represent our members, they are typically successful, motivated, high-achievers who are less likely to settle for something they find unsatisfying, be it a car or a relationship. Car manufacturers know this and Mercedes even famously used infidelity to advertise their cars with the banned ‘Not In This Weather’ advert.” The Cars Driven Most by Cheaters 1. Audi: 22.21% 2. BMW: 13.79% 3. Mercedes Benz: 8.73% 4. Volvo: 7.55% 5. Volkswagen: 5.74% The Cars Driven Least by Cheaters 1. Peugeot: 0.38% 2. Renault: 0.51% 3. Rover: 0.53% 4. Skoda:1.05% 5. Hyundai:1.55% Results are extracted from a larger poll consisting of other questions.