Is This The Woman Who Has Taken Over from Agya Koo's Ex-Wife?

Few months ago, celebrated Ghanaian comedian/actor-Agya Koo (real name Kofi Adu) joined his then wife - Victoria Darko (aka Akua Vic) to wash their dirty marital laundry in public. Speaking publicly at the time on Adom TV, Agya Koo indicated that, though he had no regrets marrying Akua Vic, he will find it difficult to reconcile with her now. “I will die if I take her back — wadwuma besei die, anka woyere nwu” the Popular Actor/Musician noted, to wit, it is better to lose your wife than to lose your job. Kofi Adu admitted causing the arrest of his wife of 17 years, as well as a man he suspected was dating/sleeping with his wife. He however denied ever neglecting the upkeep of the wife or their only child adding, even their daughter’s school teachers can testify about who pays her fees. has obtained some intimate photos of Agya Koo and a certain UK based beauty - Rita Asiedu. Though not confirmed, we are told beautiful Rita Asiedu and Agya Koo are in a serious romantic relationship — something which made it easy for Agya Koo to let go his marriage. A source close to thes two says Agya Koo has been visiting London a lot these days to see his new found love and anytime Rita is in Ghana, she stays with Agya Koo at his Kumasi home… reached out to Agya Koo but our calls have not been returned!