I've Never Cooked For My Husband...But He'll Commit Suicide If I Leave Him - Actress

Nollywood actress Chioma Toplis has thrown a challenge that her husband will commit suicide if she dare leaves him. The actress who won the heart of many in 2005, when she landed the female lead role in a Nollywood flick entitled, "Trinity" has explained she cant leave her husband because of the bond they both share. According to her, only death would separate her from her husband. Hear her: Not for me, not matter how they talk about it, it will never happen. I know what Im talking about because I know the man I married, it will never happen. That is why Im not moved when I read what they write in the pages of newspapers and on the Internet. In fact, if I tell my husband that I am living him today, he will commit suicide. I am the pillar of that home, though I am not the one providing for the family but I remain the pillar. I can say it again, I dont see my marriage crashing, if they like let them do or say whatever they like my husband will not leave me - it is me that would decide whether I am going to leave him or not. The actress who said she has never cooked for her husband disclosed that she has forgiven her close rival and long-time enemy, Oge Okoye. She voiced her conviction thus: I have forgiven all the people who have wronged me and God is moving me higher every day. I do not have any grudge against her; everything that happened to me in the past is just a lesson. I have decided to forgive anybody who has wronged me; shes not the first person and as far as Im concerned shes not going to be the last person.