Agya Koo Does Not Want To Act With Me

It appears celebrity beefs are gradually gaining grounds in the various art industries in Ghana. 'Kumahood’ superstar Kwaku Manu has brought to light that his colleague Agya Koo has on several occasions refused to feature in movies with him. The Ace Twi actor insists that he believes there is some form of bad blood between the veteran actor and himself. According to the ‘wo ye me taste’ star, the tension between Agya Koo and himself is being fuelled by some producers and a section of the movie industry players. Even though Agya Koo had publicly denied any form of tension between both of them, Kwaku Manu maintains that there is something wrong between them. “I just don’t understand why Agya Koo doesn’t want to shoot movie with me because to the best of my knowledge, I have not wronged him. I even call to check on him every week,” Kwaku Manu revealed on Sankofa Radio. Meanwhile, some industry players have confirmed to NEWS-ONE that Agya Koo has on several occasions turned down many movies which had Kwaku Manu in the cast. Kwaku Manu noted that he is ever ready to act with Agya Koo whenever he agrees to shoot a movie with him.