MUSIGA Condemns Bandana's Act

The musicians union of Ghana MUSIGA has condemned Bandana's expression of anger and tweets making waves on social media networks after losing the Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year to Kaakie. Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year nominee for VGMA 2013 Bandana, also known as Shatta Wale, vented his chafe at Kaakie who emerged as the winner of the said category. Bandana took to social media to actually insult Kaakie, causing a whole hubbub on almost all media platforms. Bandana however apologized to his fans and Ghanaians but still maintains his insults and allegations against Charterhouse and Kaakie. Since the musicians union of Ghana MUSIGA is the umbrella body of all musicians in the country, Flex newspaper approached their esteemed office and spoke with Ahuma Daddy Bosco aka Daddy Bosco - Administrator of MUSIGA. This is what he said; “first, MUSIGA does not endorse musicians abusing each other either physically or verbally. Yes, everyone has the right to express his/her sentiments or dissatisfaction if one feels so but the approach has to be decorum. Look at R2Bees; they were disqualified last year for their “Ajeei” track. They went back to the drawing board and worked hard. Today are they not the Artistes of the Year? MUSIGA condemns Bandana's act. It's unacceptable, unjustifiable, and should not repeat itself ever.” Some entertainment critics and panelists have suggested that Bandana be sidelined from any form of music awards or his music refused airplay to serve as a lesson to him and other musicians alike. As to whether their suggestions are practicable or not, Bandana has been nominated for many categories in the yet to be organized BASS AWARDS which will come off in July. May be Bull Haus Entertainment and Solid Multimedia could take a cue from the suggestions unfurled by such critics, or involve Shatta Wale as a nominee for the awards and expect his candid opinion if he loses any nomination to his co-nominees. Irrespective of his rummy manners to most Ghanaians (which dancehall die-hard fans justify as the normal way of dancehall artistes), Bandana is one of the finest dancehall artistes we have in Ghana. Flex newspaper would advise him to caution his words, conducts and general body-carriage because there is enough room left blank as far as dancehall music in Ghana is concerned. If Bandana can tone his acclaimed 'dancehall-attitudes,' he can be Ghana's best dancehall artiste to be marketed to the rest of the world, especially, Jamaica.