“I Gave Hip Hop Exposure”- Trigmatic

Ghanaian hip-hop artiste, Nana Yaw Oduro Agyei also known as Trigmatic, has hinted that he is the one who has given hip hop artistes exposure in Ghana. “If it was not through my mixture of local language and English, most hip pop artistes in Ghana will not have had the exposure they have today. This is because the way I mix the Ga and other local languages in my lyrics pull vast public attention” he said. Trigmatic also used the opportunity to clear the air on the comment from the public that he had done nothing to promote himself for his three nominations for this year’s VGMA but rather he is enjoying cool publicity from the hard work and sweat of gospel artiste Herty Borngreat. “If Ghanaians will bear me witness, I always work very hard to get nomination since the time I made my way into the industry. The fact is that I have been doing my promotions but if you are not a loyal fan you may not know,” Trigmatic said. He also told Flex newspaper how working with Herty Borngreat has been. “Working with Herty was very good and also I really enjoyed working with her. I can say this is first of its kind a gospel artiste collaborating with a secular artiste but the reason why when the offer came, I did not refuse was that, God has done so many things for me but I haven’t composed any music to show appreciation to him so I did not hesitate in doing the song with her. Moreover, I think whatever she is enjoying today she started way back”.