Asiedu Nketia Tells Gloria Akuffo: Afari Gyan Did Not Present A Distinct Voters Register

General Secretary of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has vehemently disagreed with the assertion by Madam Gloria Akuffo, a counsel for the petitioners in the on-going election results contestation in Supreme Court that the voters register the Commissioner of the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) presented to the court is not the same one used in the December 2012 polls. According to him, the claim was needless and exposes lack of understanding of the electoral procedure by the petitioners’ legal team, because the register Dr. Afari Gyan was using in court was a copy of original register which cannot be access without a court order. He added that the voters register used at the various polling stations in the elections are not left in the public domain after voting but are rather put in the ballot boxes and sealed together. “…By law, the registers used in voting are placed in the ballot boxes together with other voting materials before all the polling agents, after which it is sealed. So if it was not the fact that the court process had gone on for a while, the court would instruct for the seal to that particular polling station to be broken so that the original register could be examined,” the out-spoken NDC scribe explained. In his view, the assertion that Dr. Afari Gyan, has something to hide by not presenting the original register before the court is baseless because he could not have done so without the express permission of the court. General Mosquito further likened the register brought into court by the EC boss, to the mass production of the Holy Bible whose content does not change, no matter the number produced. “So if the Pope quotes the Bible and another person says he would not take anything from another Bible because it is from the particular Bible the Pope used, then it means you don’t understand Christianity,” he told Asempa FM.