Justice Dotse Lacked Clarity...I Will Continue Talking Because I'm Not Bothered

If the strong caution given to Counsel representing parties in the election petition suit before the Supreme Court by the Nine Justices of the Supreme Court adjudicating on the case to feed the public with accurate information after daily court proceedings was intended to put the fear of God in the bar, then some might say it has backfired. A member of the NDC’s legal team, Mr. Abraham Amaliba, says he is unperturbed by the caution so long as he knows he is on the right path. Interestingly, Lawyer Amaliba’s name was first to pop up in court on Thursday when members on the bench took time off to caution counsels representing both parties in the election petition about their conduct outside of court. Supreme Court judge, Justice Jones Victor Mawulorm Dotse warned Mr. Amaliba to be judicious on what he says outside the court. According to the judge, Mr. Amaliba and other spokespersons who engage in similar behavior would strictly be dealt with. However speaking on Okay FM, Lawyer Amaliba told the host that the premise of Justice Dotse' stern warning to him based on comments he (Amaliba) based on Metro TV during an interview, was completely wrong. He opined that perhaps the Supreme Court Judge did not have enough time to digest what he said on air before cautioning him in court. “I am not bothered and I would continue talking. I would make sure that when I say something, it wouldn’t be in contempt of the court”, he revealed…I never insulted anybody nor interpreted the law wrongly, I have never said the judges are not independent,” he claimed. According to him, what he said on TV was in relation to an alarm Mr. Tsikata, counsel for third respondent, earlier raised in court about some unknown boxes of pink sheets which were allegedly smuggled in to add up to those kept at the Supreme Court registry. “Have we not said this in court before? Hasn’t Tsikata said this in court and is that a secret?” he rhetorically asked. He further pointed out that for Justice Dotse to claim he (Amaliba) said that because counsel for the third respondent had identified certain unknown pink sheets thus forcing the whole court to rely on the original copies which were given to Justice Atuguba, goes a long way to prove he (Dotse) lacked clarity on the matter. “…but I never said that…we only said some unknown pink sheets had been added to the already submitted ones and this was said in open court”, he added.