Stephanie Benson Back For ‘Good Feeling’ Launch

Singer, Stephanie Benson has been feeling good since finishing work on her Good Feeling song and she will launch it alongside her Goodbye track in Accra on Sunday, June 30. The last couple of months were busy periods for Stephanie in Europe where she performed at several high-profile events. She sees her coming down as a sort of break to re-connect with family and friends and also offer something sweet for her fans. “It had been hectic for me recently. I was in Amsterdam for a performance to mark an anniversary of the Holland-America Friendship Foundation (HAFF). Then followed a charity ball at the Lighthouse Club in South East London to raise money for homeless people,” Stephanie said in a chat. The Good Feeling and Goodbye songs were recorded in Accra but mixed and mastered in London. They have been produced by Stephanie to let more people into her delectable style of singing and also to help entrench her presence on the music scene here. Stephanie has many years of experience as a singer, performing mostly across Europe. She had tried to make herself available here for a variety of programmes whenever she could. She, for instance, performed at the final event of the Miss Ghana 2009 pageant and was a judge on the first edition of the Vodafone Icons reality show in 2011. “A regular performer like me needs to also have songs ringing in people’s ears so they can have me constantly in mind. It is the fans who make us what we are and we must reciprocate the adoration with good songs for them,” Stephanie says. Videos for the songs are being shot on locations across the country by Abraham Ohene-Djan. Stephanie’s initial idea was to shoot them in England but later decided against that. “I’m from here and have a fan base here as well. It is good to have images that show how I bond with the motherland. Abraham is doing some great work on the videos and I want the public to look out for them soon,” she said.