I Regret Being An Actor - Emeka Ike

Nollywood Actor Emeka Ike has said that he sometimes regrets being an actor. He made the comment in an interview with onlinenigeria.com when he was asked if he would be an actor in case he had the opportunity to return to earth again. “No, I won’t. In fact, to tell you the truth, I sometimes regret being an actor and a celebrity. I don’t have privacy. Sometimes, people embarrass me by addressing me rudely on the streets. Some say, hey! O’ boy how now? No be you we dey call? So, because you don become star you dey do Shakara? I am also unhappy about the way we handle things in this part of the world. We don’t like people who say the truth. There are so many sycophants out there and they only want to pull others down to rise. People that even got up riding on your back, now try to pull you down in order to be relevant.” The popular Nollywood actor was recently in the news over his fight with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) about three years ago. He said he decided to allow peace to reign in the guild because his wife asked him to let things go. “My wife pleaded with me that for the sake of our children, I should forget about the AGN palaver. She said to me that those whom I’m fighting for are not even recognising what I’m doing for them. ‘My husband, please let go of the matter for the sake of our children’.”