GIPC To Ensure Workers Comply With Laid Down Rules

The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) has told Citi Business News, the centre is committed in ensuring its workers comply with its laid down rules. GIPC’s assertion follows the arrest of an official of the centre recently for having in her possession confidential documents of investors and believed to be part of a document leaking syndicate. Some other Officials were also interdicted recently following the findings of an internal audit into their activities and operations at the state centre. CEO of the centre, Mawuena Trebah, told Citi Business News it is crucial for the centre to develop and build a culture of respect for policies and procedures, and employees are being encouraged to follow this path. “What is important is that we as a centre are committed to the right governance practices. It is these right practices that give us a certain integrity and credibility as we engage with the business community. Without question, trust is a very important aspect of investment promotion.”