Ghanaian Football Talents Rotting In Turkey In Chase of Pro Dreams

DOZENS OF young football talents from Ghana are presently going waste in Turkey, Daily Guide Sports has observed. These Ghanaian players have become stranded and not knowing what to do to survive in Turkey. Mostly in their teens, these young players have journeyed from Ghana to Turkey in search of greener pastures. DAILY GUIDE SPORTS gathered that most of these players travelled to Turkey to find clubs to play for and expand their talents. Sadly, most of these teens paid monies to football agents in order to make the trip to Turkey. These football agents assured the players back in Ghana that they would easily find clubs in Turkey for them. Unknown to these players, they needed proper documentation and other key items in order to qualify them to get a club in Turkey. The documentation and other issues beyond the control of these players have landed them in trouble in Turkey, the paper was told. Most of the players that spoke to DAILYGUIDE SPORTS on condition of anonymity said they had regretted leaving Ghana. They said their dreams of getting a club had so far failed to materialise basically due to documentation. The players said their talent was not in doubt but because they do not have proper documents no club wants to offer them a deal. Sadly, they disclosed that even where to lay their heads and getting a decent meal had become a problem for them. Most of them complained bitterly that football agents that ferried them to Turkey could not be reached to help them. Asked why they were not returning to Ghana, they said they didn�t have the means to purchase plane ticket. They said they would be extremely happy if Ghana government could come to their aid.