BBA: Sulu Gets Warned About Selly...She Is Not Decent

After the news of the Crush Wall had been delivered and the few Chasers going to the Rendezvous Room had made their selections, it was decided that Sulu would be going to meet two fine honeys there and therefore his fellow Housemates thought it right to warn him about the tales Selly will be telling him once they are alone. Bassey told Sulu to ignore Selly and her explanations of things gone by. He reassured Sulu that he doesn’t need her and told him it wasn’t nice to be used and rejected afterwards, something Sulu agreed to quite fast. He also advised his fellow Housemate to actually start hitting on Dillish because at least she was decent and Africa would keep voting for him to stay in the game if he made that move. The trouble with Bassey’s plan is none of them knew how Dillish will react to Sulu hitting on her. Natasha told Sulu not to listen to anything Selly would say and he should talk about something else instead. She insinuated that Selly doesn’t deserve to even spend that much time with Sulu. Sulu told them that he feels nothing for Selly but will go to meet her in the Rendezvous Room. Good luck Sulu.