IEA’s Review Of Electoral System Is Pre-mature & Contemptuous - Segbefia

Former Deputy Chief of Staff, Alex Segbefia has described a proposed two day stakeholder workshop by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) to review Ghana’s electoral system as, “at best pre-mature or at worst, contemptuous”. Mr Alex Segbefia says he cannot understand why the IEA would not wait for the Supreme Court, which has been petitioned by one of the key players in the elections, to pass judgment on the matter before claiming malpractices and irregularities occasioned last year’s elections thus the need for reforms. “ do you have an introduction to a meeting which says that one of the problems is that there were widespread scenarios of people voting without verification, when the court has not ruled on that aspect, which is part of an allegation that has been put forward?” he sought to know on Metro TV. To him, the IEA’s statement passes judgment on matters that have not yet been determined by the apex court of the land. He strongly maintained that he is yet to see any evidence to the effect that, there were “widespread” irregularities, by way of voting without verification, pointing out that any meaningful debate on the just ended general elections would be based on the ongoing election petition hearing at the Supreme Court.