Mad Pastor In Dirty Insults

Pastor Kelvin Kwesi Kobiri, leader of the Charismatic Worship Center and Chief Executive of Live 91.9 Fm in Accra on Thursday morning behaved as if he manufactures insults and has copyright over foul language. Mr. Kobiri, Chief Executive of Dream Properties Limited, put aside his good manners and poured unwarranted insults on a journalist who had called his phone to book an appointment for an interview regarding a story he was following in which the Man of God was alleged to have defrauded someone. The Daily Guide reporter, after calling Pastor Kobiri, introduced himself and explained that the ethics of journalism makes it mandatory that persons whom allegations are made against are given a fair opportunity to explain their version to balance the story, therefore there was a need to meet him for an interview. This explanation did not seem to have gone down well with Pastor Kobiri as he immediately got angry and started speaking in a manner that made one wonder his calling as a Christian pastors. Below is a transcript of the shameful conversation that transpired when the journalist explained why he was calling Pastor Kobiri: Pastor Kobiri: Don’t be silly. Read the Bible and get wisdom. I am not a politician ooo and I don’t go about doing wrong things. I am warning you. I am not granting you an interview. You can go ahead and publish that news. Go ahead. You can’t touch my reputation. My reputation is hard won, I worked for it. Go ahead write that news. I would call Ben Ephson in the next 10 minutes. You go ahead. Journalist: Mr. Kobiri. Pastor Kobiri: Yes young man I am listening to you. Journalist: With the greatest of respects, you own a radio station. When people send stories to your professional journalists, do they not call the parties to crosscheck whatever allegation has been made? Pastor Kobiri: Let me tell you how to approach issues. Someone send you a tape saying that there is a matter of trade between his company and another company. He is saying that there has been fraud. Define fraud yourself before you stand there and ask me if I have done fraud to somebody. Understand fraud yourself and go into the dictionary and tell me which part of the narration the guy gave you amounts to fraud. Of course, we have paid some amount and we have a disagreement on the remaining. Are you the courts of Ghana? Are you a commercial court? Is the media an arbitrator for businesses? I am not a politician. You can’t take me on. I don’t get money from politics. Do you understand? Journalist: Mr. Kobiri Pastor Kobiri: (interrupts) I won’t listen to you. I am not ready to have a conversation with you. I would call my office and get Ben Ephson’s number. And tell him what I have to tell him. Journalist: Mr. Kobiri why are you being so angry and emotional? Pastor Kobiri: Go ahead and publish the news. Publish it out of your own folly. If you are the court of Ghana you would tell me and you would tell me in court. Don’t be silly. Swine! Young boy like you. Build your reputation the way I have built mine. Record me and put me on air. Don’t be silly. Government needs young men like me but because you are foolish you want to destroy me. Do you know how much Ghana government owes? The guy’s lawyers have written to me and I have replied. What is your issue here that is of a fraudulent nature? Stupid boy!!! He cuts the line. Journalist calls again. He picks immediately. Pastor Kobiri: Young man, if you think you are inviting my interest to publish, then you are wasting your time. I would insult you each time you call. You have no idea what you are doing. Don’t waste your time. I am not one of those people you people call and the businessmen you frighten and take money from them. I don’t do illegitimate things. Do you understand? Record this very well. I do legitimate business. I bought something from somebody and I have paid up to a certain level. There is a dispute between how much I should pay and how much I should not pay. What is the duty of the media in that? Journalist: If you had taken your time to listen to my exact question you… Pastor Kobiri: (interrupts) I don’t need to listen because you have been very stupid by saying I have defrauded someone. Why do I have to listen to you? Journalist: I did not say you have defrauded somebody. Pastor Kobiri: Don’t change your mouth. I was in the car with six people and I recorded you and I made sure that everybody listened. Fool. ‘Kwasia’. Record this and write it in the newspaper and I would prove to Ghana how stupid you are. Fool!!! I would stop you people from doing those malicious stories and charging businessmen for money. ‘Kwasia’, ‘jimifuo’ Journalist: Mr. Kobiri. Pastor Kobiri: (interrupts) Fool! Don’t talk to me. Don’t even call my name. Who are you to call me a fraudulent person? Ghana needs young men like me who can think outside the box. I wish I was in your office with you right now. Fool. Journalist: What would you have done? Pastor Kobiri: You are an enemy of progress because you want to write about me that I have taken something from someone and I have paid part and there is a dispute between how much I should pay and how much I should not pay. God have mercy on you. Fool. People like you have to be eliminated from society. Fool. Journalist: Well, for the records sir, you have given your version. Thanks. Pastor Kobiri: I have not given you my version. My version is full of insults and when you call I would insult you again. Write that one too. Kwasia, jimifuo, fool. Journalist: Finally I want to correct you that I do not work for Mr. Ephson. Pastor Kobiri: I would call your boss and if you guys are strong and you don’t publish this thing, I would laugh at you. And if you publish it and I do not sue you people. (he cuts the line again). MORE SOON.