George "Aboagye" Quaye: Marriage Is Sweet

It has been almost six months since popular MC, event director and host of Pundit on GH-One George Quaye, popularly known as Aboagye, tied the knot with his heart throb Pearl and since then the Taxi Driver actor has not stopped talking about how marriage has made him more responsible. “I won’t say that I wasn’t responsible before I got married but marriage has made me more responsible. I have been very thoughtful, more considerate in my decisions because now I make decisions that affect two people. I don’t make any decision without consulting my wife because she has been the backbone of my success till date. “I saw things differently when I was single but marriage has taught me a lesson of how one should plan his life and given me a different perspective about life in terms of how result-oriented I want to be. “As a husband, I want to work hard to be successful so that my wife and kids can be proud of me. Now, I have a strong conviction not to fail in life but work hard to attain the best and with that, I can’t afford to be irresponsible by living a wayward life. Responsibility is the biggest lesson I have learnt in my few months of journeying on the path of marriage” he said. Talking to Showbiz last Tuesday, George whose movie name Aboagye has stuck with him since his role in Taxi Driver, described his wife as a “pearl” just as her name implies remarking “my wife has been that shinning pearl in my life and the best thing that ever happened to me.”. Reminiscing the past, Aboagye said he met his wife in 2000 when they were both students of the University of Ghana and hall members at Akuafo hall. “I had spotted her on a number of occasions when she came to pass in front of my room. She looked so calm and I was attracted to her by her gentleness and beauty. Through the assistance of her cousin who happened to be a roommate, I met her and we exchanged pleasantries. We became friends afterwards but we started dating after two years of friendship. “She is the main rock behind my success. Her thought provoking advice and deep thinking has brought me this far. She was the brain behind my decision to work at Charter House and I must confess I have not for once regretted that decision” he stated. Aboagye said that his wife who is a banker with Barclays was not worried by his status as a public figure because she had been with him when he was a “nobody” adding “Our love was not love at first sight. She is the kind of person who would not want to date not to talk of marry a public figure but I guess as time went on, we both understood each other. I mean grew into her and she also grew into me”. In respect to how he perfectly depicted the role of Aboagye in Taxi Driver, George Nii Armah Quaye who many had perceived to be an Ashanti said that he had never lived or stayed in Kumasi. “I grew up in Accra and had not lived any part of my life in Kumasi. In fact, when I was given the role of Aboagye, I couldn’t even speak Twi properly because in my home, we spoke only Ga and Nzema and was surrounded my friends who spoke only Hausa. I did a lot of observation to match up to the role and I guess that really helped me. I am a blessed actor”. For being a good orator, Aboagye who is currently handling Media Communication issues at Charter House where he is also directly involved in productions, directing shows, script writing, and editing says it is a gift from God. He is the ninth of 10 children and a product of Mfantsipim School and University of Ghana where he studied Theatre Arts for his first degree and later pursued his Masters in Communication Studies. Even though he has starred in movies like 419 and Double Jam by Danfo BA and Harry Laud production respectively, for now, he is sure it will only take a good script with an interesting storyline accompanied with a good director to get him back on screen.